Our clients...

  • are smart people who want to simplify their lives

  • value having their portfolio professionally managed because they do not have the time or interest to manage it themselves.

  • want to work with a financial planner over a long-period of time so they can see their goals come to fruition.

  • are professional, relaxed, and have high integrity, and want a financial planner who shares those traits.

  • value an analytical, logical, and efficient approach to investment management and financial planning.

  • are not looking for a hot stock tip. They want a smart portfolio that responds to market conditions, has low costs, and has high long-term expected return.

  • can be working or retired, single or married, local or remote.

Passion Led Us Here
Working Professional


I don't have enough time to manage my own investments, and I don't really like dealing with it anyways. I want to make sure I'm setting myself up for financial freedom with an appropriate portfolio in the right accounts and I want someone to talk about financial decisions with to make sure I'm not making big mistakes. I'd also like to see if I can make that dream of mine become a reality while I'm young.

Getting Ready to Retire


I've done a great job in my career and I'd like to evaluate how close I am to retirement and what it might look like. I have some serious concerns about the amount of risk I'm taking with my investment portfolio going into the next downturn and want someone actively managing it for me. If I have a current "financial guy", I'm worried I might be overpaying and would like a second opinion to take a look at my portfolio.

Man Enjoying Retirement


I want to make sure my investments will last my entire lifetime. I'd rather focus on my family and hobbies rather than stress about money. I'm tried of worrying about what the stock market is going to do next. I need help maximizing my retirement income and making sure I withdraw it from the right accounts, in the right order, at the right time. I don't want to be taken advantage of by financial product salesman and want advice that's in my best interest.