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Jumping with Excitement


Our primary offering combines ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management. Most clients choose to become Wealth Management clients as it includes the full slate of services that we offer, such as annual tax planning and retirement spending support. Our goal is to free up your time and mental clutter so you can focus on the things that matter most.



We strongly believe that we are not investing in order to reach a specific number or to just continuously grow wealth. Rather, we want to use money as a tool to reach your personal goals and live a simpler, happier, and less stressful life.


We will dive deep to talk about your current relationship with money and to discover your goals so we can put money to its best use and in alignment with your values. Depending on your needs, we may talk about things such as changing careers, if and when you have enough money to retire, what your retirement might look like, how to generate income off your investments, paying off debt, and how to support your family.

We provide comprehensive advice on the following areas:

Retirement Planning

When can I retire?
Alternative Retirement

Savings Planning

Withdrawal Guidance

Social Security

RMD Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Home Purchase

Emergency Funding

Education Planning


Debt Payoff


Goals and Values Discovery

Feeling  Confident About Finances

Spousal Conversations

Behavioral Coaching

Identifying Invisible Scripts

Peace of Mind

Insurance Planning

Coverage Review

Employer Benefits

Individual Healthcare


Long Term Care

Tax Planning

Capital Gain/Loss Harvesting

Roth Conversions

Stock Option Planning

Tax Bracket Management

Charitable Giving Planning

Tax Return Review

Estate Planning

Support of Surviving Spouse

Estate Tax Planning

Gift Planning

Recommendation of Estate Docs and Attorneys


You will also save time by outsourcing your investments so that you can spend more time on what really matters to you. We will get to know you, implement a portfolio that meets your needs, and continuously monitor and adjust it as necessary.

We believe in efficient, low-cost portfolios that respond to market conditions. We do not pick "hot stocks", day trade, short-sell, use leverage, or trade options. Instead, we maintain discipline and seek increased risk-adjusted return over long time frames.

You will no longer need to worry about:

  • Which accounts to use

  • How much risk to take

  • Which asset classes to invest in

  • Which funds to use

  • Rebalancing

  • How to invest additional funds

  • Keeping a long term and disciplined approach

  • Responding to market conditions


We charge a blended annual fee based on the amount of Assets Under Management (AUM).


For example, a client with $2M would pay 0.8%.

Asset minimum of $500,000.

Assets Under Management
Annual Fee
First $1.2M
Balance Above $1.2M
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