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Jumping with Excitement


In addition to the included comprehensive and ongoing Financial Planning that is included with Wealth Management, we also offer project-based financial planning services.



For those clients that do not want direct investment management, we offer Financial Plan development. We will go through the process of defining your goals and values and seeing if you are on the right track to meet those goals.

The project based fee is dependent on the specific needs, complexity, estimated time, and resources required to provide services to you. Fees are determined upfront at the time of the engagement. Annual followup available for an additional fee.

We provide comprehensive advice on the following areas:

Retirement Planning

When can I retire?
Alternative Retirement

Savings Planning

Withdrawal Guidance

Social Security

RMD Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Home Purchase

Emergency Funding

Education Planning


Debt Payoff


Goals and Values Discovery

Feeling  Confident About Finances

Spousal Conversations

Behavioral Coaching

Identifying Invisible Scripts

Peace of Mind

Insurance Planning

Coverage Review

Employer Benefits

Individual Healthcare


Long Term Care

Tax Planning

Capital Gain/Loss Harvesting

Roth Conversions

Stock Option Planning

Tax Bracket Management

Charitable Giving Planning

Tax Return Review

Estate Planning

Support of Surviving Spouse

Estate Tax Planning

Gift Planning

Recommendation of Estate Docs and Attorneys

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