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​​Simmons Investment Management has been interviewed and quoted in several major investment and financial planning publications. Get to know us and our philosophy better by checking it out below!


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Money Management for the Analytical Thinker, CFO At Home Podcast

"Money is just a means to an end. It's not the end goal. We're not trying to hit some number.
What we're trying to do is live a life that money enables...
Part of what has affected my philosophy is that we all have stories of people that retire and then they die soon or they get cancer and I don't want that to happen to you. So when you do retire, find something fulfilling. And then the next logical step is, why aren't we doing that now instead of putting it off in the future. And so when you're thinking about what retirement looks like, my recommendation is to test it out now because you might not like it and then you've been working for 40 years towards something you don't like. Or you might really like it and you might be able to figure out a way to do it sooner."


The Engineer's Approach to Financial Freedom, Freedom Nation Podcast

"For engineers, when we look to hire somebody, especially a financial planner, we want to trust them. And trust isn't established with a suit and tie or a fancy Porsche, at least for the analytical type. Trust is established by being able to answer questions to show that you have the knowledge and the capability. And what I've found is yes, engineers do ask questions, but if you answer them, if you're willing to go deep with them on whatever thing that they want to know about, eventually you establish trust and you don't have all the questions. They trust you, they're willing to do what they hired you to do which is to 'take this off my plate, I'm too busy and I want to focus on something else, please take it off my plate but i need to trust you first.' This has been a part of my marketing. I'm an engineer, I work with people like you, and I'm not afraid to work with you.



“Most financial planners are happy to support risk aversion because it makes for more profitable clients, but I find fulfillment in helping people maximize their lives and opportunities. As a former engineer myself, I know that engineers appreciate having another analytical person with them that they trust to talk through possible changes and ultimately make progress towards their goals." 

- Looking for a Financial Advisor for Engineers?

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“Money is simply a tool that you can use to reach your personal goals and live a simpler, happier and less stressful life."  - What Does Being ‘Good with Money’ Actually Look Like?

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“The solution is to spend a lot of time talking about what their life goals and values around money are. Oftentimes [couples] haven’t verbalized it to their partner or even summarized it for themselves. Once both sides know the other’s perspective, we can usually find some middle ground." - Couples' 14 Biggest Financial Fights and How to Resolve Them: Advisors' Advice

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"I used to be a card-carrying member of the FIRE movement but have since determined it's not the best way to design your life. Having significant savings provides opportunity and reduces money-related stress, but I think the better approach is to design a life and career that you don't want to retire from." - How the FIRE movement keeps burning in a tough economy

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