We are based in Broomfield, Colorado and while most of our clients are local, we serve clients nationwide.

Our philosophy is to put money in its appropriate place in your life by treating it as simply a tool that you can use to reach your personal goals and live a simpler, happier, and less stressful life. When you sign on with us, you are hiring a professional, relaxed firm that has high integrity and a desire to see you thrive. You are hiring a Lead Financial Planner who has an engineering mindset and takes an analytical, logical, and efficient approach to investment management and financial planning. And as our homepage says, you are getting Lower Costs, Smarter Portfolios, and Better Service.

We are a Fiduciary: we have a duty to always act in your best interest. You entrust us with your finances and personal information, which in turn places a high standard on our conduct and integrity.

We are a Fee-only firm: we do not receive any compensation based on your purchase or sale of a financial product (we won't sell you products or get paid for doing so). We believe that this fee-only structure reduces conflicts of interest between us and you.



Lead Financial Planner

Kyle graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for over 10 years in engineering before realizing that his real passion was in personal finance. In 2018, after years of seeing colleagues (extremely smart and competent people) struggle with their finances due to lack of knowledge, interest, or time, he decided to become a financial planner. He thinks like an engineer, designing his own portfolios with an eye towards efficiency, risk-adjusted return, and cost. He enjoys digging through complex financial topics and simplifying them down to easy to understand concepts. He lives in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife and three children.