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We are paid directly by our clients, and only by our clients. This means that we do not make any commissions or profit from recommendations or referrals and are not financially motivated to recommend any products, such as insurance or annuities.

How much do you charge?

We charge an annual fee based on Assets Under Advisement:

This fee includes Investment Management and full Financial Planning services for clients with $500,000 or more in Assets Under Advisement (AUA). For clients with less than $500,000 in AUA, the fee includes Investment Management only and availability to answer occasional and simple financial planning questions. Our minimum quarterly fee is $500. Our minimum quarterly fee is $500.


We strive to keep costs low and below common industry options you may currently have or be considering. These options are often as high as 1.75% for clients with smaller portfolios. In addition, we consider cost as a major factor when designing our portfolios to keep our "All-In" fees as low as possible, with fund expense ratios being much lower than you may be recommended elsewhere. 

We would be happy to compare our pricing with other advisors and discuss the differences with you.

Won't my returns be lower if I pay you?

Possibly, but not necessarily. Vanguard, a company with a great reputation among do-it-yourselfers, put out a paper detailing the value a good financial advisor can provide. Their conclusion: "We believe implementing the Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha framework can add up to, or even exceed, 3% in net returns." We do a lot of ongoing research to make sure we're at the cutting edge of investment management and financial planning concepts and implement the general framework that Vanguard lays out. We cannot guarantee a specific level of performance and do not provide hot stock tips. We build portfolios that seek high risk-adjusted return over long term time horizons.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, you can absolutely manage your portfolio yourself and lots of people do without issue. However, many smart and successful people decide to outsource this part of their lives because they find they don’t have the time anymore, don’t have the interest, or money simply stresses them out. A lot of clients appreciate having someone to talk with when important financial decisions such as retirement pop up to make sure they aren't making mistakes or haven't thought of alternative solutions. Hiring a financial planner isn't for everyone. We work with those who have decided that there are parts of their lives they are willing to outsource to a professional in order to simplify their lives.

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